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How to Choose a Doctor from a Panel of Physicians

Posted On May 8, 2020

If you are injured at work, and you file a worker’s compensation claim, you may choose a doctor to take care of you. But your choices are limited. Under Georgia law, choosing a doctor really means picking one from the Panel of Physicians selected by your employer. The employer must …

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Backing Up Accidents: How to Avoid Injuring Your Children

Posted On May 4, 2020

Every now and then, we read of a horror story where a parent backs up a car in a driveway and runs over their child. According to, thousands of children are injured each year in backing up accidents. Nationwide, at least fifty children are backed over each week, and …

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Pedestrian Accident Safety Tips Can Save Lives

Posted On May 1, 2020

Cars and trucks run over pedestrians more often than we realize. News reports are short, and they are buried among the headlines. But once in a while, a story jumps out, like the one from Jonesboro where two people were hit and killed, thirty feet from each other, but also …

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Mites Caused Nursing Home Death from Sepsis

Posted On April 27, 2020

Nursing homes are frequently criticized for a lack of cleanliness and the level of training in the personnel they hire. Cleanliness is a special problem for older people who are often unable to bathe themselves. Sometimes, because of dementia, older people neglect bathing. That’s where trained personnel are especially important: …

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Medical Malpractice Deadlines and Damages in Georgia

Posted On April 24, 2020

When we go to see a doctor, we rely on the extensive education of that doctor and their dedication to help people like us who are ill or who have had an accident. Most doctors, like other groups of people in our society, are careful with their work and are …

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