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How Many Atlanta Traffic Accidents Occur Each Year?

Posted On October 9, 2019

In 2018, Georgia lawmakers passed House Bill 673, aka the Hands-Free Georgia Act, prohibiting motorists from handling cell phones or other electronic devices while driving. They hoped that it would help lower Atlanta traffic accidents and crashes in other areas of the state. Now the data is in—and it turns …

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Atlanta Firework Laws

Posted On June 26, 2019

The summertime calls for fireworks and fireworks call for safety. Not necessarily in the act of lighting fireworks, but knowing the laws that govern fireworks in Georgia.  Consumer fireworks, the kind you can buy at roadside stands, are classified as 1.4G type explosives. 1.3G type explosives are the kind you’ll …

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New Delta Uniforms Cause Rash and Irritations

Posted On June 10, 2019

When major American Airline Delta unveiled their new “Passport Plum” uniforms in 2018, it was done to much fanfare — including a fashion show with employees in a red carpet event. New York Fashion Designer Zac Posen was tasked with designing the 64,000 plus uniforms to a like-number of employees …

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How Your Social Media Posts Can Jeopardize your Personal Injury Claim

Posted On May 28, 2019

Personal injury cases can very difficult. Many elements play a role in how the case proceeds, but what most people don’t realize is that something we do like second nature can affect the case drastically: social media posts. The reality is that while it might not look as dangerous, one …

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The Risks Mothers Take When Driving with Children

Posted On May 10, 2019

Mothers know what’s best for their children, but it’s easy to forget about the dangers they’re subjecting their little ones to when doing something most of us do like second nature: driving. For insurance companies, one look at these distracted driving stats are a constant source of work: they’re the source …

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