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Coca-Cola Sets an Example For Workplace Safety

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Employers have the obligation to provide a safe work environment for their employees and, to their credit, most take this obligation very seriously. Larger companies, in particular, seem to go the extra mile to implement safety programs to mitigate the risks of workplace accidents. One of our local corporations – the Coca-Cola company – is an example of an employer that demonstrates its commitment to ensuring the safety of its workers. According to their website, they have instituted a Workplace Rights Policy that requires it to take responsibility for maintaining a productive workers by minimizing the risk of accidents, injury and exposure to health hazards.

Contractors Suffer Higher Rate Of Work-Related Fatalities Than Associates

The Coca-Cola Company is committed to maintaining a safer workplace not only for its associates, but also for its contractors. In a recent year, the company recognized that the number of work-related deaths of its contractors was proportionately higher than for its associates. Out of 12 contractor deaths, nine of the deaths were due to traffic-related incidents.  In an attempt to improve the safety of its fleet drivers, they launched a comprehensive online fleet safety tool kit which includes more than 60 proven tools, such as driver training materials, sample safety policies, vehicle maintenance checklists and more.

What Am I Entitled to?

Even when a company does everything it can to put a good safety plan into motion to minimize the risk of dangerous situations and hazardous work conditions, accidents will still occur. If you are injured on the job, you are entitled to workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is an accident insurance program paid by your employer which may provide you with medical, rehabilitation and income benefits if you are injured on the job. These benefits are provided to help you return to work. Georgia’s workers’ compensation laws provide for various benefits depending upon the type of accident you have suffered and the extent of injuries you sustained. Once a determination is made regarding whether you are totally or partially disabled – and, if partially disabled, whether it is temporary or permanent, the law provides for specific amounts of compensation. The benefit amounts are periodically adjusted, as seen in this chart showing the increase in benefit amounts over the years since 2001. In the event of a fatal work accident, there are also death benefits payable to surviving dependents.

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