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Don’t Let Your Spring Break Vacation Become a Nightmare

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The much-awaited Spring Break is finally here. It’s the break all the kids look forward to, especially the teens. It’s a time of freedom and fun and typically beach time. However,  there are many times where what was supposed to be a wonderful vacation ends up as a tragedy or a nightmare. Spring Break Accidents, car accidents, personal injuries, and defective equipment may cause you a costly and stressful Spring Break.

The phrase Spring Break is synonymous with dread for many parents who year after year listen to terrifying stories and never want their children to be the protagonists of such misfortunes. If you are a worried parent or a young adult ready to go on trips with your friends, it is crucial that you know what rules to follow to return home safely.  However, if an accident occurs, having the knowledge and tools at hand can help you react in the best way possible, avoiding unnecessary headaches.
As a lawyer, it is common for me to hear the unfortunate spring break accident stories. I hear about it from my clients and it breaks my heart. One mistake can change your entire life. Many individuals simply were not aware of what they were doing, others were injured because of irresponsible companies or individuals, but whatever the case may be, the reality is that if you see yourself in a difficult situation; for example, a car accident, being stopped for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI) or having to pay high medical expenses, then you should call a lawyer. But, if you do not want to be that person suffering the consequences of unbridled fun. Follow these spring break tips:
Say NO to distractions
With more than 53% of the spring break travelers being young adults, the distractions at the steering wheel have increased. Here is a list of the top distracted driving distractions during spring break.

  • Talking or send text messages on a cell phone
  • Eating or drinking while driving
  • Applying makeup while driving
  • Chatting with people in the car
  • Reading maps or looking at the maps on the cell phone

In many states, it is forbidden to send text messages and talk on the phone while driving. Don’t be that person causes an accident because of these distractions. 

Take action in a car accident
Statistics indicate that the drivers of companies such as Uber and Lyft don’t take the safest roads, therefore the rate of car accidents is high. Let’s be clear that these type of companies will avoid paying any type of medical expenses in case the driver is guilty of an accident since they see their drivers as contractors and not as employees. Immediately, after an accident, you should contact a lawyer who guarantees your right to medical care. Remember to collect all the evidence, photos of the accident, photos of your injuries, as well as the police report explaining what happened.

Do not let alcohol consumption ruin your spring break and your life
Excessive intake of alcohol increases the chances of you having problems with the law and ending up in jail. It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle with a concentration of .08 in the blood for those over 21. Getting to this level depends on your weight and the number of alcoholic beverages you consume. Each year at least one-third of deaths involving car crashes occur because someone decided to drink and drive.

Dangerous activities with dangerous equipment
Spring Break brings about great adventures but extreme adventures can result in accidents. Many adventures or vacation experiences require human personnel and also equipment that must be in an optimal condition so that everything goes well. However, equipment may be defective and cause serious injury or death. In that case, I recommend you to know what has been the maintenance of these devices and the quality of the manufacturer to avoid accidents. However, if you are injured by these damaged materials you are entitled to fair compensation for the damages and for your health care.

The law is the law
Remember, ignoring the law does not free you from your responsibility of paying for your mistake, even if you are not aware of them. So wherever you travel for spring break, whether it is nationwide or internationally, you must have a basic understanding of the laws.

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