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Carrollton has a different look and feels to many cities and towns across Georgia. Close enough to Atlanta to spend time there but far enough away to have a breather from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Carrollton is unique in that it offers the best of both worlds for residents to see and enjoy. Many can base their jobs and careers in Atlanta and surrounding cities and quickly retreat at the end of the day to a more idyllic location to call home.

However, this ideal location does not mean that residents are immune from the trials and tribulations that others around Georgia face from car accidents to personal injury to workplace hazards. No matter how your injury was caused, the Bader Scott team can assist you today.

Car Accidents in Carrollton 

One of the major probabilities of life is that, if you are a driver, you will be involved in a car accident at some point in your life. From drivers who don’t pay attention to those whose negligence borders on recklessness, our team is here for you day in and day out.

  • Car Accidents: most Georgians who drive have resigned themselves to being in one or two minor car accidents, or “fender benders,” in their lifetime. This minor inconvenience is usually nothing to fret about long term but more serious car accidents can have major consequences to the victims of reckless driving. From medical bills to lost work and other negative impacts, car accidents can seriously impact Georgians’ ability to earn a living. Bader Scott is on your side to help ensure that you’re provided for after memories of the crash have faded.
  • Bicycle Accidents and Pedestrian Accidents: one of the negative consequences of a movement to get Georgians to bike and walk to work or to different errands is the proliferation of bike and pedestrian accidents. Any reckless or negligent driver can quickly force a bicyclist out of his or her lane or pin a pedestrian in a second or less. Our firm can work quickly and effectively to help ensure that the motorist responsible for your injury is held accountable.

Personal Injury in Carrollton

Personal injury encompasses so many possible scenarios in our day to day lives. From running errands and accomplishing daily tasks to more unusual scenarios, injury can await us at our favorite local restaurant, mall, or store. Our experienced team of personal injury attorneys can help work to ensure that your injury is compensated to the fullest extent of Georgia law.

  • Slip and Fall: long thought of as an injury that “happens to other people,” slip and fall injuries happen to Americans every day. These injuries can be more than nagging pains, leading to broken or severely bruised bones and other injuries that can’t afford to wait.  For so many, far from being a passing issue, these develop into serious injuries. The Bader Scott team is here to help ensure that any injury you suffer as a result of negligence is taken care of by the one who caused it.
  • Medical Malpractice: most Georgians have a deep and abiding respect for the medical profession and its ability to heal issues from the benign to the serious. However, there is a great potential for danger when a medical professional acts in a negligent or reckless manner and endangers either the life or health of the patient. You shouldn’t have to suffer more pain in addition to what you sought treatment for. No matter your medical issue, our medical malpractice attorneys can help fight for your right to compensation for the mistakes of a negligent medical professional.

Workers’ Compensation in Carrollton

Working hard is in the DNA of so many Georgians. No matter your industry, job title, or where you work, providing for your family through thick and thin is what many pride themselves on. That’s why when you need someone to work for you, you should count on the Bader Scott team.

  • Case Value: there are very few times when an insurance company will want to pay you the fair value of your case. Their business is paying the least amount of money for the most amount of liability and escaping relatively unscathed. Luckily, the Bader Scott team is on your side and will fight for your rights so you don’t get bullied by the insurance company into accepting a settlement that is a penny less than you deserve.
  • Back, Neck, and Catastrophic Injury: some injuries go beyond the pale and have a serious ability to impact your potential to work in the short term, long term, and forever. These injuries incur serious medical bills, loss of work, and mental and emotional suffering for a formerly productive person. The attorneys at Bader Scott are able to help make you whole by fighting for your rights against those whose negligence caused your injury.

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