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Carrollton Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

There are few accidents as terrifying as a motorcycle accident. Most motorists don’t pay attention to motorcycles on the road, which can be frightening. These accidents result in serious injuries, which can include death. When you have costly medical bills, you need a plan to handle these expenses.

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What’s the leading cause of motorcycle accidents?

Other drivers on the road! Driving in traffic around Atlanta can be challenging. Tractor-trailers are one of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents. Drivers of semi-trucks can easily overlook a small motorcycle on the road. In Georgia, these large trucks are required to make their vehicles more visible on the road. This extra “conspicuity measure” help other drivers and motorcycles when sharing the road.

Have you ever noticed the reflective tape on semi-trucks? This safety feature allows you to see the trailer and the truck more easily on the road. Most trucks will have running lights, sidelights, and other safety features to catch your attention.

All of these safety features are important, but they do not protect small cars and motorcycles from these large trucks. You can see them, but that doesn’t mean that they are paying attention to you. Motorcycles can fit perfectly in a vehicle’s blind spot, so it’s easy for other vehicles to cut off motorcycles.

What are the other causes of motorcycle accidents in Carrollton?

Other than motorcycles being hit by motorists, we find that debris on the road causes a significant number of motorcycle accidents. It seems like anytime you’re on the way, you run into some roadwork or construction. Contractors are required by law to leave their worksite in a safe condition. However, this isn’t always the case. It’s easy to see other stones, gravel, or debris leftover from the construction.

Driving over loose gravel in a car is challenging, but on a motorcycle, it can be catastrophic. In these situations, the private company can be held responsible for damages. Since it was their responsibility to leave a safe roadway, it is their fault for any damages and injuries that are sustained.

Sometimes, equipment on a motorcycle can malfunction and cause an accident. Each company that produces motorcycle parts must make sure that they are safe and not defective. If your accident occurred because of part malfunction, you could hold the company responsible. You could also hold the company that sold you the motorcycle responsible.

Do motorcyclists have any safety obligations?

Yes. In Georgia, there are laws motorcyclists must follow to make sure that they are safe on the road. For example, you are required to wear protective headgear while riding on a motorcycle. Your motorcycle must also have a windshield unless you are wearing protective eyewear. You must also get an exclusive license to operate your motorcycle.

It is essential that you educate yourself on motorcycle road safety to minimize your chance of an accident. Taking defensive driving courses can also strengthen your claim after your accident. You should never assume that another driver can see you, and if you drive defensively, you can avoid many accidents.

What are some frequent injuries in motorcycle accidents?

Even if you drive safely, you can still find yourself a victim in an accident. Let’s face it, a motorcycle doesn’t have a lot of safety equipment. In a car, there is a metal cage around you, and on a motorcycle, there is very little between you and other vehicles or the road. Cars have seatbelts and airbags, while motorcyclists have helmets and leather jackets. Since there is minimal safety equipment, injuries can include:

The majority of these injuries require intense medical care. Some of these medical procedures can include hospitalization, home care, physical therapy, surgery, prosthetics, and more. You can imagine the number of medical bills you’ll have piling up with these injuries. Medical insurance can cover some of the costs of these injuries, but it is rarely enough. These medical bills can put a hardship on the victim and their family.

Most victims of motorcycle accidents can take weeks to recover from their injuries. There are some instances where a victim’s life will never go back to normal. It would help if you had an attorney that can guide you through the process. If you have a diminished quality of life because of the fault of another, you are entitled to compensation. An experienced auto accident lawyer will be able to answer all the questions that you have about your damages and a proper settlement for your financial future.

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