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Carrollton Occupational Diseases

When you go to work, you assume that you’re in a safe environment. However, some companies take advantage of their employees’ trust. These companies do not follow proper safety protocol, which can result in you getting sick. Bader Scott Injury Lawyer are Carrollton workers compensation lawyers, experienced in handling cases all over Georgia. Proving that you acquired an illness from a workplace is one of the most challenging types of workers’ compensation claims. If you have received a disease because of the negligence of your workplace, you should contact us immediately.

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We seek compensation for many types of occupational diseases

An occupational disease can take the form of many different medical conditions and illnesses. However, they are all caused by the hazards of the workplace. You might require long-term or short-term treatment for these ailments. The leading causes of occupational diseases are:

  • Chemical Agents: includes ammonia, chlorine, and other chemicals you need for your job.
  • Physical Agents: can include extreme temperatures, explosions, flammable liquids, etc.
  • Biological Agents: Parasites, tetanus, tuberculosis, and other infectious diseases.
  • Cancer-causing Agents: Can include asbestos, coal, and other compounds that cause cancer.


What’s the statute of limitations for a workers’ compensation law in Georgia?

You must report your illness to your employer within 30 days of your diagnosis. Then, you have one year from the date of your disease to be able to file for your workers’ compensation benefits in the state of Georgia.

You deserve a safe work environment

It’s our mission to thoroughly investigate your case and build you the most substantial claim possible. Since these cases are so complex, you should contact us as soon as you become sick. Call Bader Scott Injury Lawyers to schedule your consultation.

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