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Unlike Atlanta, Norcross is a town where Georgians can go to get away from it all. Close enough to the city to have a career or other business there but far enough away to not live the hustle and bustle 24/7, Norcross seems to be the ideal place to enjoy the best of both worlds.

The Western Gwinnett Bikeway provides another way to be connected to other parts of the state without needing to leave a peaceful enclave. However, this setting does not insulate Norcross residents from the issues which impact all Georgians like workplace accidents, car accidents, and other causes of personal injury.

For those issues, the Bader Scott team is here to help and ensure that no one tramples on your right to fair compensation.

Automobile Accidents in Norcross

In 2020, there is a multitude of distractions for drivers no matter what category it may fall into. From checking social media to making a phone call to changing the dials on the radio or any number of things, there is always an easy impetus to focusing on something other than driving. Our team will help ensure that a driver’s reckless conduct which caused your injury will be addressed.

  • Distracted Drivers: one minute a person is checking their phone and the next they hear the screech of breaks, the crunch of metal and plastic indicating a car crash and damage to your car. While the material damage to your vehicle is almost immediately known, the medical and physical damage can take time to manifest. However, as pain and, later, bills pile up, you need someone to fight for your rights. The Bader Scott team can help ensure that you get what you need when you’re impacted by a distracted driver.
  • Bicycle Accidents and Pedestrian Accidents: from the use of the Western Gwinnett Bikeway to the sidewalks that proliferate throughout the community, many more people in Norcross are walking and biking to the places they need to be whether that be errands or work. However, one of the downsides to this is the possibly increased likelihood of car accidents involving bikers and pedestrians who have no protection from any of the dangers presented by automobiles. Our attorneys at Bader Scott can help ensure that your rights are defended and your medical bills, lost wages, and other costs are paid by those who recklessly caused the accident. 

Personal Injury in Norcross

No matter how careful a person is, there is always the possibility that they will get hurt in a wide variety of situations. From senior citizens who are not always knowledgeable about their surroundings to the truly bizarre situations that affect many of us, there is always the possibility that a personal injury can hurt us in the short and long term. No matter the impact of any personal injury, Bader Scott is ready to assist you in any way.

  • Medical Malpractice: one of the most vulnerable times in our lives is when we entrust our health to a doctor or other medical professional. For so many, we take what they say as gospel and trust a doctor to take all necessary care and precautions to help ensure our safety. When a doctor does not take every necessary precaution and causes life-long, substantial injury you deserve to have a legal team that will fight for you. The Bader Scott team’s experienced attorneys will ensure that your case isn’t left on the operating room floor.
  • Slip and Fall: so many of us believe nothing will go wrong in life and we will be able to control not only our surroundings but our outcomes as well. However, there are many situations in life such as a slip and fall where, although, you may believe that you will be fine you may instead have lifelong damage. You need a team that will work to ensure that your injuries will be compensated.

Workers’ Compensation in Norcross

Georgians work diligently in their jobs no matter their industry or their job title. Working hard to advance your career and your family is one of the values taken seriously in this state. Few of us can imagine a terrible accident happening at work but when it does, you need a legal team that will ensure your life can get back on track.

  • Case Value: oftentimes, insurance companies will quickly come to resolve a potential claim efficaciously. However, an insurance company does not have your best interest in mind and you need to ensure any potential settlement is fair to you. Our experienced lawyers can accurately determine the value of your case and fight for it.
  • Back, neck, and catastrophic injuries: some workplace injuries are more severe than others but any injuries to the back, neck, or catastrophic injuries could be career-ending. You need attorneys to fight for your rights and who will ensure that you are fully compensated for any injury sustained while on the job.

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