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Norcross Dog Bite Lawyer

Dogs can be one of the most valuable companions in your life, but they can also be the cause of serious injuries. Your dog might love you, but a neighbor’s dog might see you as a threat. Even if you aren’t provoking a dog, they can attack for no reason. You could be walking down the road when a dog gets out of their yard and bites you. What do you do when a dog has injured you? Bader Scott Injury Lawyers are dog bite lawyers in Norcross experienced in handling these cases.

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A dog is considered property in the state of Georgia. So, owners of these dogs are responsible for any damage that they cause. If you or someone you know has injuries because of a dog bite, we can help. Contact our offices today to schedule your appointment.

Dog owners are required to make sure that their dogs aren’t a threat

When you own a dog, you have a responsibility to train that dog. Your dog shouldn’t be a harm to others. Also, your dog should be restrained in your yard or when you’re out for a walk. A dog should never be left off a leash. People have a right to walk down your street, or through a park, without worrying about being attacked by a loose dog.

If owners know that their dogs are dangerous, they should muzzle them when they are out on walks. There are many cases where aggressive dogs get in fights with other dogs, injuring humans trying to break up the fight. In this situation, you could receive compensation for your injuries as well as your dogs. We won’t know exactly what damages you’re eligible for until you come into our office.

Dog bite injury statistics

There are almost 5 million dog bites every year, and 20 percent of these bites become infected. If you don’t treat a dog bite immediately, you could face an infection that leads to death.

Children suffer the most severe dog bite injuries. Almost 500,000 children a year require medical treatment for these injuries. If you think about the height that children are from the ground, it makes sense that most of their injuries are facial.

Some dog breeds are more aggressive than others, but any dog can attack at any time. It would be best if you were mindful when seeing random dogs on the street. Every dog could have the potential to attack you.

What are Georgia laws about dog attacks?

Every state has different statutes, and Georgia has the one-bite rule. According to this law, a dog owner is liable if they know the animal could potentially bite someone. If the bite occurs, but no skin is broken, the owner must get a certificate for registration for owning a dangerous dog. Once a dog is marked “dangerous” there is the potential for a bite. The owner must also warn others about the dog by posting warning signs around the property. If a dog inflicts a severe injury, the dog is then classified as vicious. The dog owner must have a minimum of 50,000 dollars in liability coverage.

These statutes can be confusing, which is why you need a lawyer to handle your case. Every dog owner has a responsibility to keep their animals from harming other animals or humans. So, an experienced personal injury lawyer will show that the dog owner was liable for your accident, through evidence gathered in an investigation.

What kind of insurance covers dog bite accidents?

Most people don’t realize that dog bites are covered with their homeowner’s insurance. It could take months for injuries to be assessed, and even longer for surgeries and other medical treatments. So, we have to wait until you see a doctor to determine how to value your claim.

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