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Norcross Gas Explosions Injuries

There are few occupations more dangerous than those that work with gas and other combustible materials. When contractors in the field are injured, they must rely on workers’ compensation for their injuries. Bader Scott Injury Lawyers are experienced Norcross workers compensation attorneys that know the ins and outs of workers compensation claims. Most employees think that workers’ compensation is guaranteed, but this isn’t always the case. Many claims are denied every year. When you’re relying on your benefits, you can’t afford to have your request denied. If you or someone you know has been injured in a workplace gas explosion, you should contact us today.

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What are common gas explosion injuries?

Other than being burned in explosions, there are many different injuries that you could sustain. Just the impact of your colliding with the ground can cause serious injuries. Some of our clients have suffered from:

As you can see, the injuries may vary, but the process is still the same. If you have been injured at work, you might be entitled to compensation. Workers’ compensation was created to give you a chance to heal from work-related injuries, without missing a paycheck.

What are some causes of gas explosions?

Many gas explosions are the result of leaks in the tank, hose, or defective mechanical parts. These slow leaks allow space to fill up with gas, and then the gas cloud is ignited with a spark. In some cases, it is the control valve that is defective. So, you think that you only have a little bit of gas coming out when it is a lot. Some equipment that has created gas explosions include:

  • Central heating and cooling system (HVAC)
  • Space heaters
  • Water heaters
  • Grills
  • Dryer
  • Ovens
  • Gas ranges
  • Generators

What are the types of blast injuries?

A blast injury can occur because of direct or indirect exposure to the gas explosion. There are several different categories of blast injuries:

  • Primary blast injury: These injuries occur as a result of pressure. When the explosion occurs, a blast wave hits the body. Breathing in this heated air can cause cellular damage within your respiratory tract. The noise of this blast can also rupture your eardrum.
  • Secondary blast injury: Injuries with this blast are the result of flying debris. So, getting impaled would be a secondary blast injury.
  • Tertiary blast injury: These injuries occur when your body is thrown from the explosion. Your body can come into contact with a multitude of things, resulting in amputations, fractures, and brain injuries.
  • Quaternary blast injury: This category encompasses every other injury that hasn’t been mentioned. So, burns, COPD, asthma, and crush injuries would be quaternary.

Secondary blast injuries are more common, with primary blast injuries being the most severe. If you have suffered any physical injury as the result of a gas explosion, you should contact our offices today. We can help you with your workers’ compensation claim or any other questions that you may have.

I’ve been injured from a gas explosion at work, now what?

First, any physical workplace-related injury is covered by workers’ compensation. If you have been injured on the job, you need to report your injury to your supervisor. You only have 30 days to report your injury. Then, you should seek medical attention. Finally, you need to file for workers’ compensation. You only have a year to file for workers’ compensation from the day of your accident.

Who is responsible for paying my workers’ compensation claim?

Technically, your employer should have purchased workers’ compensation insurance. Once you file your claim, you will be in contact with your company’s insurance company. Even though you are a loyal employee, your company’s insurance company is going to try to settle for the smallest amount possible. We recommend hiring a lawyer, so you know that your interests are represented.

What can I receive from my workers’ compensation claim?

  • Your paycheck: If you are off work for at least seven days, you are entitled to a portion of your paycheck. However, your weekly paycheck will not exceed 550 dollars. This is tax-free money, but your paycheck could still be less than you usually take home.
  • Medical treatments: Anything that is medically associated with your injuries. However, this restorative treatment needs to be given by at least six physicians on a panel. You must provide this information to your employer.


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