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Neither Rome, Georgia nor Rome, Italy were built in a day but the quality of life in Rome, Georgia is an enviable one. Nestled near the Appalachian mountains, Rome’s picturesque natural beauty provides a wonderful backdrop to life in the town. Northwest Georgia’s famed city has its place in history from the Civil War to the Great Depression and to modern times, thousands of families have built their lives and livelihoods in Rome. So many live there for the quality of life and beauty surrounding the area but, unfortunately, not every scene in town is picture-perfect. Oftentimes, life intrudes and an automobile accident, personal injury, or workplace accident can change everything.

Automobile Accidents in Rome

Automobile accidents can happen to anyone in Rome no matter their age, where they live, or how careful they are. Winding roads, natural obstacles, and other impediments contribute to what is already a statistically dangerous endeavor: driving. Bader Scott Injury Lawyers can help any victim of an automobile-related accident recover damages under Georgia law.

  • Car Accidents: with a sound, screech of brakes, and crunch, most Georgians know that they have lived through a car accident with its attendant insurance consequences and police report. What is less clear is what financial, economic, and medical repercussions will result from that car accident. Medical bills and lost work on their own can quickly add up to thousands of dollars in uncompensated damages that you may have to bear. Let the legal professionals at Bader Scott fight for you after you’ve been injured in a car accident.
  • Bicycle Accidents and Pedestrian Accidents: cities and towns across the country are becoming more walkable and bike-friendly in order to accommodate residents’ demands for increased quality of life and outdoor activities. Taking advantage of the outdoors has a significant upside but any time a bicycle or pedestrian accident occurs, there is a significant downside as well. Without the protection offered to a motorist, bicycle or pedestrian accidents may be more likely to cause long term damage or fatalities. Our team can help work to ensure that the person who caused your injury pays for it.

Personal Injury in Rome

Sometimes, things we do not think will cause large medical bills or prevent us from working end up being the most consequential injuries in our lives. Few imagine that a trip to the supermarket, local mall, or other frequented locale can become a defining moment in life. Let our team at Bader Scott help you on your road to recovery from a personal injury.

  • Slip and Fall: Many of us claim to be athletes at heart and have perfect or near-perfect balance but when a person slips on water or a patch of ice that has not been marked as dangerous, there is little to shield from the negative effects of contact with the ground. What some consider a small injury can cause long-term pain and lost days of work. Bader Scott stands ready to assist you in ensuring that you get the compensation you need after a personal injury.
  • Medical Malpractice: a doctor’s hands are usually the first situation a person will trust a stranger with their life in. However, when that medical professional is unprepared, sloppy, or negligent, a precise procedure can turn into a life-altering disaster. Medical malpractice can take years to correct and can permanently damage any part of your body. Our experienced medical malpractice lawyers will fight for your rights as a patient and help ensure you get as much as Georgia law allows.

Workers’ Compensation in Rome

Georgians pour so much of their heart and soul into their jobs. No matter if they work an office job, in the service industry, or on a construction site, they’re proud of what they do to move themselves and their families forward. That’s why at Bader Scott, we’re proud to stand with Georgia workers in fighting for fair compensation for injuries sustained on the job.

  • Back, Neck, and Catastrophic Injuries: very few professions suffer no injuries at all thus no matter a person’s occupation, there is always a risk of being injured on the job. A back, neck, and, especially, a catastrophic injury can not only cause loss of work, earnings, and an injury but it may permanently disable you or cause death. The team at Bader Scott will work to ensure that those responsible for your accident pay every dollar they need to in order to ensure you’re made whole again.
  • Case Value: while many insurance policies from companies or employers will cover employee or contractor injuries, they are very rarely generous with your payout. No injured person or grieving family should have to face an insurance company, with its army of lawyers and employees, alone. The Bader Scott team is experienced in evaluating every case so no one can shortchange you or your family after a worker’s compensation injury.

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