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Rome Bicycle Accident Lawyer

The popularity of riding bicycles is on the rise in our country. Bikes are seen as an eco-friendly way to get around town, and they are a healthy hobby to add to your life. Riding a bicycle can be entertaining, but what do you do when you have been in an accident? Bader Scott Injury Lawyers are successful Rome bicycle accident attorneys that understand how devastating these accidents can be. The sheer size difference between bicycles and cars creates the potential for severe injuries. If you or someone you know has been injured in a bicycle accident, you should call our offices today. We offer free consultations to discuss the details of your case.

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How should I choose my bicycle accident attorney?

Many Rome attorneys cover personal injury lawsuits, but not all of them are equal. When you have been in a bicycle accident, you need legal representation that understands the complexities of your case.
You should hire a bicycle accident attorney that has a proven track record of successfully handling these types of cases. Your lawyer should be focused on your interests. So, if you don’t trust your attorney during your interview, you should find someone else.

How common are bicycle accidents?

There have been many improvements in the safety of bicycles on the road. However, with the increased interest in riding bikes, bicycle accidents are on the rise. Bicycle accidents are becoming just as common as motor vehicle accidents.
Over a thousand bicyclists are injured each year in the state of Georgia. If you or someone you know has been injured in a bike accident, you could be entitled to compensation. However, we won’t know what damages you’re entitled to until you contact our offices.

How can I prevent a bicycle accident?

Many factors can keep you safe on the road. Accidents can happen regardless, but practicing safe habits will decrease the chances. You need to be aware of yourself and your surroundings while you are on a bicycle.
Make sure that you are traveling at a safe speed and following all of the rules of the road. Maintaining a safe distance from vehicles in front of you is one of the easiest ways to avoid an accident. Remember, you might see a car that can’t see you because of their blind spot.

Don’t ride your bicycle while you’re distracted

One of the leading causes of vehicular accidents is being distracted behind the wheel. The same can be said about bicycle accidents. The moment that you take your eyes off the road, you are at risk for a crash.
Whether you are riding down an empty road or in traffic, you should maintain the same level of alertness. Just like drivers, bicyclists have been known to check their smartphones while they are riding down the road. Since a bicycle is seen as a vehicle, you are not allowed to touch your phone while you are riding.

Watch your speed

You aren’t going to be able to go as fast as a car, but you can reach unsafe speeds on your bike. It would help if you rode your bicycle at speeds you are comfortable with, where it is easy to control.
Bicyclists should also pay attention to the conditions of the road, like weather, debris, the terrain, and other vehicles. Speeding on a bicycle can easily result in serious injuries or people losing their lives on the road.

What is a safe distance on your bicycle?

It would be best if you treated your bicycle the same way that you would treat a car on the road.  Make sure that you are at least 3 feet away from the vehicle or other bikes in front of you. If you are following too closely, you could be held responsible for your accident.

Pay close attention whenever you merge or go through intersections

Merging and going through intersections can be very complicated. Most accidents occur within intersections. Make sure that you are paying close attention to traffic laws while you are entering and exiting intersections.
Intersections and merging can also be tricky because bicycles are hard for cars to see. Since vehicles are more significant than bikes, they can fail to give bikes the right of way. It would help if you always drove defensively when you are on your bicycle. Remember, just because you can see a car doesn’t mean that they can see you.

Wear your safety gear

Injuries that you sustain from a vehicular accident can be severe, and they are even worse without safety gear. You could survive an accident if you wear a helmet, and without it, you might lose your life. You should give yourself the best chance of survival by wearing safety gear. You can also wear pads and braces while you ride your bike.

Obey the rules of the road

Your bicycle is legally seen as a vehicle on the road. So, it would help if you obey traffic laws while you are riding your bike. Some bicyclists think that riding into oncoming traffic is safer and makes them more visible. However, this is illegal. If you are in an accident because you are riding into oncoming traffic, you might not be eligible for compensation. Obeying the rules of the road will reduce a potential crash and decrease your liability.
What do I do after I have been in a bicycle accident?
There are many things that you should do once you have been involved in a bicycle accident:

  • Stay calm: Remember not to admit any guilt when you are at the scene of the crash. Apologizing to a drive can be seen as an admission of guilt, so you need to be careful.
  • Call the police: You will need to file a report for your records and the insurance company.
  • Seek medical attention: Even if you feel like you’re ok, you should still seek medical attention. There are internal injuries that can’t be diagnosed by sight.

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