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Rome, GA Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are incredibly painful and can affect you for the rest of your life. These injuries often need extensive medical care and treatment. Burn injuries can happen at any time in your life, and they can cause serious financial hardship.

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Bader Scott Injury Lawyers are experienced Rome workers compensation attorneys. Our firm is responsible for handling numerous types of workers comp cases throughout Georgia. If you or someone you know has suffered from burn injuries, we want to help. Contact us today to set up your free consultation.

We thoroughly investigate your burn accident

Workers comp cases can be very complicated, which is why we need to start building your case immediately. Some of the evidence we will review includes:

  • Medical record and doctor reports
  • Police records
  • Fire department reports
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Reports from accident investigators that help determine the cause of the accident
  • Medical expert testimony to establish future medical bills

What are some common causes of burn injuries?

Chemical Burns: Unlike other injuries, this is the result of caustic chemical compounds. These injuries can be serious and can burn down to the bone.

Car Accidents: Serious car accidents can result in fires that burn victims.

Scalding: This occurs when a hot liquid comes into contact with the skin. The most common occurrence of scalding is when a hot drink is spilled, or liquid comes out of the faucet too hot.

Electrical Burns: This can happen when electrical wires aren’t insulated correctly, or electrical devices are faulty. Electrical burns are severe and can cause cardiac arrest.

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