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Chemical Exposure Injuries in Rome, GA

Hazardous chemical exposure can have some adverse effects on victims. It depends on the type of chemicals involved, but injuries can be life-changing. When you work in industrial and construction environments, you have to deal with dangerous chemicals. Bader Scott Injury Lawyers are Rome workers compensation lawyers that have handled many workplace accident cases. We understand how difficult it is to recover from an injury, especially when you’re worried about work. Thankfully, workers’ compensation can alleviate some of this stress so that you can get better.

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I think I was exposed to hazardous chemicals at work.


If you feel like your injuries are work-related, you must notify your supervisor. You only have a small window of 30 days to report your injury at work. If you fail to do this, your workers’ compensation claim could be denied. Remember, there is a statute of limitations for filing for workers’ compensation. You only have a year from the beginning of your injury to file a claim.


Can my workers’ compensation claim be denied?


Yes. Many workers think that they will always get workers’ compensation, but this isn’t still the case. Your employer’s insurance company is responsible for paying out your workers’ compensation. So, they could deny your claim. If this happens, you must notify us immediately so that we can start the appeals process.


Do I need a chemical exposure attorney?


Yes. It’s proven that attorneys can reduce the likelihood that your claim is denied. It would help if you had compensation, so you can heal from your injuries and get back to work.


Hire a chemical exposure attorney you can trust.


We have handled numerous workers’ compensation claims, and we can help you. If you have suffered from chemical exposure injuries at work, contact our offices today. Call us to schedule your free consultation. Let’s go over your options.

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