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Smyrna Permanent Disability Lawyer

When you are injured, it can mean that you are unable to perform even the most basic tasks. You may be unable to care for yourself, and you also may not be able to return to work. This results in extensive medical expenses, a loss of wages, and emotional pain and suffering.

A permanent disability is life-changing, and it is the responsibility of at-fault parties to give you the compensation you deserve. That’s why it’s so important to have a reliable lawyer on your side.

Read on to find out more about permanent disabilities and what you can do if you were seriously injured.

Understanding Permanent Disabilities

A permanent disability is a mental or physical condition that affects a major life function long term. Worker’s comp defines it as lasting impairments that exist even after the initial recovery period. Examples include the loss of an eye, a bone that broke and healed unevenly, or carpal tunnel syndrome that can’t be healed by surgery.

In a legal arena, at-fault parties may try to say injuries do not qualify as permanent disabilities if the person is well enough to return to work. Although this is not the case, the victim’s ability to return to work could cause complications when it comes to helping them prove their case. That’s why it’s important to have a reliable lawyer on your side.

Complications on Filing Disability

Filing for disability is a complicated process, and usually, initial requests are denied. This will result in an appeals process that can take over a year. If the appeal is denied, victims will have to schedule a hearing. During the hearing, you will go before a judge to plead your case. He or she will determine if you qualify for benefits.

A lawyer will help you prepare for your hearing by providing the evidence you need to build a strong case, including witness testimony and medical records. They will make sure all information is up to date to give you the best chances of winning.

Getting Prepared for Your Hearing

The right lawyer will do all they can to make sure you are prepared for your hearing, but you can do your part as well.

Here are some tips that will help increase your chances of a positive outcome.

  • Get There On Time: Arriving late will make a bad impression on the judge. What’s more, if you are rushing around on the day of your hearing, you will be frazzled and might not be in the right mindset to present a strong case. Plan the day of your hearing in advance, so you are sure to get there on time.
  • Dress Appropriately: Showing up neatly dressed will increase your chances of winning.
  • Be Prepared with the Right Information: When you meet with your lawyer, he will prepare you with the information you need when testifying in court. However, it is up to you to retain that information and know as much as your disability as possible so you can provide knowledgeable answers to any questions you are asked.

Finding the Right Lawyer for My Permanent Disability

If your injuries resulted in a permanent disability, you need a good lawyer on your side. The right lawyer will gather the evidence you need, they will prepare you for your hearing, and they will do all they can to make sure your case runs as smoothly as possible. What’s more, they will work on a contingency basis, meaning they won’t see a penny unless you win your case.

If you are looking for a lawyer in the Smyrna, GA area, call the Bader Scott team first.

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Permanent disabilities can greatly reduce their quality of life. Don’t let at-fault parties get away with it. Call the Bader Scott Injury Lawyers today.

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