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Drunk Driving Accidents – Atlanta

Car accidents can cause severe injuries, especially if you are involved in a drunk driving accident. You expect to safely arrive at your destination whenever you’re behind the wheel of your vehicle. However, other drivers on the road don’t care about your safety. Drunk drivers have no care or concern for other drivers on the road.


Drinking and getting behind the wheel impairs your motor skills and mental capabilities. So, these drivers are mainly accidents waiting to happen from the minute they get on the road. If you have had the unfortunate luck of being involved in a drunk driving accident, you deserve compensation.


Bader Scott Injury Lawyers are Atlanta car accident lawyers, skilled in getting clients compensation from these devastating incidents. We understand that a settlement can’t take away your accident, but it can help.


Some damages and injuries leave you with losses that you can recover through proper compensation. If you or someone you know suffers an injury in a drunk driving accident, we can help. Contact our offices today to set up your free consultation.

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Drunk driving is a problem in Georgia.


In Georgia, you are driving drunk if your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is over 0.08. Your BAC is determined by how fast your body metabolizes alcohol. This BAC depends on how many drinks you have per hour, the type of drinks, and your body. When driving a vehicle, you need to know what your BAC is. Some people have a higher tolerance for alcohol. So, they feel like they are safe to drive when their BAC is well beyond the legal limit. Thankfully, you can use BAC calculators to figure out what your BAC is before getting behind the wheel of your car.


Even though 0.08 is the legal limit, there are situations where you could be charged for a DUI with a lower BAC. If you are underage, there is a zero-tolerance policy for drinking and driving. Since it is illegal for anyone young to drink, a BAC of 0.01 counts as a DUI. If you are driving erratically with any alcohol in your system, you could be arrested for DUI. An officer can choose to arrest you for DUI, even if you only have a BAC of 0.01. They must ensure the safety of the road, which means removing drivers that are impaired or at-risk for accidents.


What do I after being involved in a drunk driving accident?


After any car accident in Georgia, you must call the police. A DUI accident can be a bit more complicated because of the impaired driver. It is legal to record the scene of the accident with your phone. If you feel that the other driver is under the influence, you can register your conversation. Some drivers will also try to get rid of illegal items in their cars, like drugs, alcohol, bottles, or cans. You can record the driver disposing of any of these items. It is crucial to tell officers if you have seen the other driver trying to get rid of anything. Remember, we can use your recording as evidence in your case.


Make sure that you are the other driver are safe. If you are in the middle of the highway, move your car if it is safe to do so. Once you and the other parties are out of harm’s way, you should call the police. The police need to be on the scene because you need a police report for your insurance. It is also illegal to drive impaired, so expect the other driver to be taken to jail. There are some situations where drunk drivers try to leave the scene of the accident. If this occurs, call the cops and wait. Try to remember the make, model, and color of the car. An officer can help you track down the impaired driver, but you must make an initial report.


If someone is seriously injured, you need to call an ambulance. DUI accidents do cause severe injuries to everyone involved. Even if you feel like you only have minor injuries, we still recommend seeking medical attention. You could have internal damages that need a medical professional to diagnose.


Once you have reported your accident, gotten information from witnesses and involved parties, and see a doctor, you should contact an attorney. Drunk driving can cause significant damages, and you are entitled to compensation. These cases can be confusing, so you need the help of an expert attorney. Contact us today to discuss the details of your case.


What damages can I receive compensation for in a drunk driving accident?


Georgia laws are clear in personal injury cases. You can receive compensation in three different types of categories: Payment for lost work, cost of medical care, and pain and suffering. You can receive compensation for future medical needs, loss of earning potential, and more.


With drunk driving, you can also seek punitive damages. This is compensation above the cost of your injuries. Since a drunk driver is criminally negligent, their actions are considered malice by the court. Punitive damages further punish the drunk driver. You will be hard-pressed to find a jury that has sympathy for drinking and driving. So, you can be looking at large settlements when you seek punitive damages.


I was in the car with the drunk driver. What do I do now?


Even if you got in the car with a drunk driver, the driver is still responsible for your injuries. You can file a lawsuit, but the compensation could be different. We can’t give you advice on your case until you meet with us in our offices. Contact us today to set up your free consultation.


Does driving while high on marijuana count as drunk driving?


Absolutely. Anytime a driver is impaired behind the wheel, that’s considered drunk driving. It can be harder to prove that someone is driving while high on marijuana, but officers have ways of testing. If you think the other driver is impaired, don’t be afraid to tell the officer.


The other driver was on prescribed medication. Is this drunk driving?


Yes. Whenever you have prescribed medication, you receive a list of warnings. There are a significant number of painkillers and other medication that warn against operating heavy machinery. A vehicle weighs thousands of pounds and counts as heavy machinery. So, whether the driver was prescribed medication or not, they are DUI driving. A toxicology report can show what was in the driver’s system when they were driving.


Who is responsible for a drunk driving accident?


The drunk driver is always the first responsible party. However, there are some situations where you can sue a restaurant or bar that allowed the driver to leave their establishment. Suing multiple parties can be complicated, so you’ll need the guidance of a drunk driving attorney.


If you have been injured in a drunk driving accident, we’re here for you.


We know that accidents can be overwhelming, especially when you’re faced with the injuries and damages in a DUI accident. If you have been involved in a drunk driving accident, you should contact an Atlanta personal injury lawyer today. We need to begin building your case as soon as possible.

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