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Stadium and Arena Injuries

Atlanta couldn’t be happier to be the home of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. This is a massive stadium that is home the Atlanta United FC soccer team and the Atlanta Falcons. The stadium is also home to many significant events throughout the year. This site is seen as a positive addition to the city. There will be some accidents and injuries in the years to come. If you were injured at any stadium, you have a right to compensation.
Seth Bader is a skilled personal injury lawyer that practices in Norcross, Ga. He understands that injuries can happen when you least expect them. Fans go to the stadium to watch a game, and they don’t plan on going home with broken bones. If you’ve been injured in a stadium or arena, you should contact us today. Please take advantage of our free consultation so that we can go over your options.

What kind of injuries in a sporting arena could I claim?

As long as the injury wasn’t your fault, you can file a claim. Most personal injury claims are injuries from:

  • Fans going to see the event
  • Employees that work there
  • Construction workers, while they’re building

If the negligence of another causes your injury, you could receive compensation. However, we won’t know if you have a claim until you talk to an experienced lawyer.

What types of injuries can occur in stadiums and arenas?

There haven’t been any fan-related injuries yet, but there could be in the future. Fractures usually occur because of accidents on the premises. The accidents could happen because of carelessness, inadequate maintenance, or even poor construction. Some ordinary stadium and arena injuries include:

  • Slipping on beverages or food
  • Falling on stairs
  • Escalator injuries
  • Falling over guardrails

Of these accidents, falling is the most dangerous. If you fall over the guardrail, you could kill yourself. Usually, these falls happen because the guardrails could have been a few inches higher. If the construction were better, this accident would have never happened.

Were any workers injured in the construction of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium?

Yes. As with most construction sites, there are some injuries. There was a man that was directed to move a shoring tower. Unfortunately, the shoring tower ended up falling on him. This was a 42-foot tower that was being moved by a forklift. The workers weren’t using proper safety protocols, which is why the tower ended up falling.
When the tower fell, it hit one worker and pinned him in his place. This man was seriously injured, and he will never be able to work again. These workers didn’t know that they should have broken down the tower before they moved it. However, the supervisors knew. So, now, the injured worker is seeking millions in damages to cover his injuries, medical bills, and costs.
So, this is a perfect example of a worker being injured because of the negligence of someone else. The supervisors should have directed their workers better, and none of that would have even happened.

I slipped and fell at a stadium. Who is liable?

Falling at a stadium isn’t enough, you have to prove that the stadium owner was negligent. Just because the floor was slippery doesn’t mean that the owner was acting irresponsibly. The floor would have to be a puddle of water for the owner to be negligent. You also have to prove that the owner knew about the water and did nothing about it.

How can you prove negligence in a slip and fall case?

Let’s say that you slip and fall in a bathroom. If you slip because someone spilled one cup of water on the floor, you probably couldn’t prove negligence. However, if you were in a bathroom with inches of water, that’s a different story. If fans consistently flood the bathroom, then the owner of the stadium knows about it. So, you are slipping on the water in the bathroom floor should have been prevented because the owner knew the fans were going to do it.

What if alcohol was part of my injury?

You are allowed to have alcohol in the stadium, and the stadium is responsible for maintaining a safe environment. So, you could still have a case, even if you injured yourself while you were drinking.

Do I need a lawyer?

Yes. There are many parts to these types of cases, and an experienced lawyer knows which parties to hold responsible. If you handle your claim on your own, you risk losing your settlement.

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