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Ask a Workers Compensation Lawyer: How Does Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Georgia Work?

A workers compensation lawyers primary objective is simple…help injured workers get the benefits to which they’re entitled. Workers’ compensation insurance in Georgia is required of employers to cover costs in the event an employee is injured on the job. 
When employees file claims after job-related injuries or illnesses, they file against insurance companies, not employers directly. It’s the insurer that will pay for expenses.

Two Types of Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Employers have two types of workers’ compensation insurance from which to choose: self-insured and fully insured:

  • Fully insured – Most businesses opt for fully insured. With this type of insurance, the employer purchases the coverage through an insurance company, pays monthly premiums and then if a worker files a claim, the insurance company is responsible for paying benefits.
  • Self-insured – Self-insured employers are those that do not purchase a policy but decide to cover their own expenses when workers file claims. They essentially have no insurance. Some large companies with deep pockets choose this option, hoping to save money on premiums (and hoping nobody gets hurt on the job.)

Is your employer covered?

You can find out if your employer has workers’ compensation insurance by visiting the State Board of Workers’ Compensation’s website and clicking on “How do I verify an employer’s workers’ compensation insurance coverage?” on the front page. From there, you can conduct a search for Employer Insurance Coverage.
If you have trouble identifying your employer’s insurer, you can call a workers’ compensation lawyer for assistance. Feel free to call Bader Scott Injury Lawyers for help: 678-562-5595. Also, note that employers tend to change insurers from time to time; we can help identify who the current insurer is so you can file your claim accordingly.
case_valueIf you find that your employer doesn’t have coverage, there still may be other ways to recover workers’ compensation benefits.
Let’s say you work for a subcontractor on a construction site and get hurt…
Your employer, the subcontractor, has no workers’ compensation insurance; but because the general contractor on the site hired the subcontractor, you may be able to file a claim with the general contractor, who does carry workers’ compensation insurance.

For Help with Your Claim in Atlanta, Contact A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

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We can help you file a claim with the appropriate party, ensure you get the maximum amount for which you’re eligible, and look into any other possible forms of restitution.

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