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What to do in case of an accident as an undocumented immigrant

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Having a car or work accident is a terrible experience for anyone, and even more so if you are an undocumented immigrant. Don’t let anxiety, pressure, pain, and, above all, fear overtake you the moment an accident happens. The Bader Scott Injury Lawyer’s team is able to help and protect you regardless of your legal situation. Do not suffer– ask for help for your pain; you have rights that cannot be violated. What should you do when you are in a car accident and are an undocumented immigrant? What should you do when you are in an accident at work and are an undocumented immigrant? Continue reading to find out.

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What to do when you are in an accident at work and are an undocumented immigrant?

Many people are unaware of the possibility of suing the other party when they are injured in an accident at work. Even if the person hurt in the accident is an undocumented immigrant, the laws are still enforced, and these are in place to protect all U.S residents regardless of their immigration status. 
There are thousands of undocumented immigrants working across the country. Daily work tasks may be surrounded by dangerous elements that can put their lives at risk. Heavy equipment, sharp and/or electric tools, chemicals… All these can cause injuries. The employer must provide sufficient security to its employees so as not to cause damage or an injury that alters the lives of other people.

You haven’t lost everything. Contact an attorney expert in accidents to fight for your rights regardless of your legal status.

Do you think that because you are undocumented, you have no rights? Bader Scott Injury Lawyers can tell you that is totally wrong. Do not fear or waste more time. An undocumented immigrant has the right to request compensation for work-related injuries, and to be able to file a claim against their employer.

Fearing deportation or a problem with immigration agents, the majority of undocumented immigrants have moved away from filing a lawsuit and asking for legal support. 

If you suffered an accident at work and are an undocumented immigrant, be sure to speak with a lawyer to defend your rights. If you do not talk to a lawyer, you may be risking a lot, paying high medical expenses out of your pocket, and not being able to work for a while until you recover completely.

What to do when you are in a car accident and are an undocumented immigrant?

You can choose to remain silent and not attract attention after having a car accident. Keep in mind that the police are strictly prohibited from seeking judicial documents to obtain information about the legal status of people who file a claim for damages or injuries.
In case of an accident, it is important that you are not overwhelmed by fear. Contact a car accident lawyer so they can advise you on the steps you must take to claim fair compensation for your injuries. Do not allow your rights to be violated for fear of entering into an immigration process.

By law, every legal or non-legal citizen in the country has the protection of the court to file legal actions for the claim of compensation. 

Sometimes, many organizations and insurance companies try to take advantage of the situation of undocumented immigrants because they think they have less of a chance to defend their rights. But, keep in mind that the Bader Scott Injury Lawyers team helps and represents those injured in car accidents, even when the person involved is undocumented.

Employers must offer the best safety conditions to employees. If you are injured and you don’t have legal status, and it was not your fault, you have rights to comply.

Do not fear for your status! Do not be afraid to file a claim. Insurance companies cannot deny the right to obtain benefits for undocumented immigrants who do not have a social security number.

“The immigration status of a person should not be used as evidence or investigation in the case of a civil suit for personal injury or wrongful death.”

La Opinion newspaper

In short, when you consult and hire an injury lawyer, you have the right to offer the necessary and relevant information. Experienced lawyers, such as those who are part of the Bader Scott team, will always ensure your rights and maintain your privacy.

What steps should I follow after an accident?

In general, many undocumented immigrants who suffer a car accident or work accident and are not guilty are afraid to report the accident and prefer to flee the scene because of their legal status. Do not do that!
These are the steps to follow after an accident:

  •     Do not leave the accident scene. Take all the photos, evidence, testimonies that are necessary to prove that you were not at fault, including the injuries caused by the accident.
  •     Be sure to get a police report or from your boss, in case of a car or work accident.
  •     At no time, offer details of your immigration status.
  •     Call Bader Scott Injury Lawyers.
  •     Visit a doctor to check your injuries and to get a detailed report of your injuries.

What benefits come from claiming compensation?

First, your legal status will never prohibit you from receiving compensation. These are some of the things you might be able to receive if your case is successful:

  •     Medical treatment
  •     Reimbursement for the cost of procedures and rehabilitation
  •     Lost work and personal opportunities
  •     Wage loss due to inability to work

In summary, if you are an undocumented immigrant and have a car or work accident and it was due to negligence or caused by another person, consult an experienced lawyer to get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

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