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Dogs Fighting at Sandy Springs Petco

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Petco is well known to be a dog-friendly venue. People come in to pick up dog food, toys, beds, and other canine-related things. Petco also gives dog baths and does dog grooming. But even the most obedient dog can get excited when there are other dogs around. To prevent any dogs from fighting, all dogs must be on a leash at all times in Petco.

Dog Slips his Leash

Last Christmas Eve, a woman and her son brought their pit bull into Petco, on a leash. There was a husky near the grooming section, also on a leash. The husky growled at the pit bull and bared its teeth as the pit bull, and its owners walked by. The husky lunged at the pit bull. The pit bull slipped his leash. Unfortunately, the dogfight was on.

Humans Hurt When Dogs Fighting

It’s frightening when exposed to big dogs fighting. All the same, no one wants to see the dogs get hurt. Some of the Petco customers began screaming and kicking at the dogs to break them up. A Petco groomer rushed out. She said she dealt with dogs fighting all the time. She grabbed both dogs to pull them apart but got bit herself. Another man tried to help, but he got bitten, too. Somehow they broke up the fight by shoving a dog crate between the two dogs. Both injured humans went to the hospital but were treated and released.

The danger of Rabies from Dogs Fighting

When a dog bites a human, the human is at risk for rabies. If the dog is not up-to-date on its rabies vaccination, then it must be quarantined for ten days. The human should go to the doctor to see whether the human should begin taking the rabies vaccine. Rabies is a severe disease. It starts with fever and fatigue and pain, tingling, or burning at the bite wound. Symptoms usually do not appear for two to three months, so the victim might think they have a cold plus a mild infection from the bite. But if untreated, rabies can lead to coma, heart, or lung failure and death.

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