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Savannah, Georgia is a jewel of the state. Encompassing history, culture, and exquisite cuisine, it’s a city that has put our state on the national and international map. It’s no surprise that Georgians choose to build their lives, careers, and start families in this picturesque city.

However, those idyllic surroundings belie the fact that any person can be injured in any variety of ways and not have the recourse to ensure that their way of life and family are protected. At Bader Scott, we’re committed to ensuring that you have only the highest quality representation in order to ensure your rights are preserved and defended.

Car Accidents in Savannah

There’s no way around the fact that driving a vehicle is a perilous endeavor. From distracted drivers to pedestrian and bicycle accidents, Bader Scott is there for you.

  • Distracted Drivers: we know that our state has dangerous roads full of hazards and sharp turns that could change your life in an instant. Add drivers who are routinely distracted by checking social media, changing the dial on the radio, or simply not paying attention and you have a recipe for disaster. Our attorneys at Bader Scott will work with you to hold the negligent party accountable in order to help ensure that any medical bills or pain and suffering you endured is fully compensated by those at fault.
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents: more and more people are opting for modes of transportation that help them be healthier individuals and more environmentally friendly.  However, that exposes those same well-meaning people to the risk that they will be unprotected when a vehicle crashes into them. The experienced attorneys at Bader Scott can help you with your pedestrian or bicycle accident issue in order to get you the money you deserve so you can ensure you’re on the road to recovery.

Personal Injury in Savannah

So many of us lead busy lives rushing from one place to the next with the seemingly-lighting speed in order to get our daily tasks done. However, this often translates to situations where the unthinkable happens quickly and we realize what is happening almost too late in the game. Bader Scott attorneys stand by to help you recover any damages caused by the negligence of another.

  • Medical Malpractice: one of the more common experiences Georgians go through is trusting a doctor to perform a needed procedure on ourselves or our loved ones. It’s through this lens of trust that medical malpractice feels like a betrayal of those who put their trust in a medical professional. However, that doesn’t compare to the lasting damage done by a surgery gone wrong or a doctor’s erroneous diagnosis causing premature death. The lawyers at Bader Scott are able to offer compassionate and full representation for any medical malpractice case.
  • Slip and Fall: many of us, especially senior citizens, rush to get the groceries or other errands done in a timely manner and may not notice hazards in their way. As we all know, keeping premises clean and safe is the responsibility of the property owner or lessee in order to allow people to quickly and safely use what they have opened to members of the public. Our team knows that slip and falls can cause short and long term injuries that require expensive treatment, doctors’ visits and maybe even missed work or lost wages. Bader Scott will help ensure you’re not left on the hook following a slip and fall in Savannah.

Workers’ Compensation in Savannah

Americans take pride in their work and what they do for a living. Working hard to feed and clothe our families and get ahead in our careers is what helps distinguish many Georgians. So few of us imagine accidents will happen while at work but, when it does, Bader Scott is here to fight for your rights.

  • Back, Neck, and Catastrophic Injuries: for many Georgians, hard work is what has distinguished their working life and it’s how they provide for their families. Especially at construction sites, these accidents can happen quickly and cause long-term medical and economic harm to the person who suffers any kind of malady. This not only causes medical bills but also pain and uncertainty for the victim. Bader Scott attorneys are ready and willing to fight for you and ensure that you have the representation you need.
  • Case Value: when your boss or your boss’ insurance company calls after a workplace accident, you can rest assured they do not have your best interests at heart. Although they might try and convince you that they’re working on your behalf, they are mostly trying to pay you the least amount of money for all the damage their negligence has done. Contact the Bader Scott team so we can be sure to fight for the true value of your case.

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