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Norcross Electrocution Accidents

Electrical accidents are relatively common in the workplace, but that doesn’t make them any less terrifying. Injuries range from mild to severe, but most electrocution accidents are serious. These injuries depend on the voltage of electricity passing through your body, and whether the current was alternating or direct.

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Having an experienced Norcross electrocution accidents lawyer like the attorneys at Bader Scott Injury Lawyers is essential to winning your case. The injuries sustained from an electrocution accident can cost you a lot in medical bills and lost wages. It would be best if you had an attorney that will fight for your interests to get you the compensation that you deserve. We would love to go over the details of your case with our free consultation.

How common are electrocution accidents?

Surprisingly, electrocutions are far more common than you may think. OSHA defines electrocution as one of the “fatal four” causes of death while at work. According to Georgia law, you are protected by workers’ compensation from the moment that you start a job. So, if you sustain injuries because of electrocution while you’re working, you are eligible to receive these benefits. In cases where the accident occurs because of defective products, you can submit a workers compensation claim. There are many of these filed every year, and the details of your accident determine the validity of your claim. Some of the occupations with the highest number of electrocutions are:

  • Electricians
  • Supervisors
  • Laborers
  • Carpenters
  • Roofers

What are the causes of electrocution in the workplace?

Electricity travels quickly through the human body, which is why electrocution is possible. Some of the most common instances of electrocution occur because:

  1. A worker comes into contact with power lines with equipment like dump trucks, backhoes, cranes, metal ladders, scaffolds, and aluminum paint rollers.
  2. There is improper protection of the electrical circuit. So, injuries result from exposed wires, short-circuits, and breaks in the insulation of cables.
  3. The power supply isn’t grounded to electrical equipment, or the path is broken.
  4. Improper use of electrical equipment.
  5. Using extension cords or flexible cords that are damaged.

Are there any long-term effects from electrocution?

Having a large voltage of electricity pass through your body can leave lasting effects. The type of damage has many different factors like the amount of current, how the current enters your body, and the amount of time that your body is part of the electrical circuit. There are some other environmental factors as well, and every case is unique. Some of the most common effects of electrocution are:

  • Extreme Pain
  • Cardiac Arrest
  • Nerve Damage
  • Tissue Damage
  • Electrical Burns
  • Organ Damage
  • Death

Sometimes, victims of electrocution can suffer from broken bones from falling. Ruptured eardrums have also been reported in several cases.

Those that survive electrocution accidents can be left with burns that are disfiguring. You could require multiple skin grafts and surgeries to repair the damage. You can also suffer from internal burns as well. Electricity passes through every part of your body, and the damage can be extensive. You can also suffer from nerve damage that leads to neuropathy, where nerve endings in the hands and feet are in constant pain.

There is also a condition known as “post-electric shock syndrome.” Survivors of electric shock can have similar symptoms of a traumatic brain injury. So, victims can live with chronic pain for the rest of their lives.

What types of compensation am I eligible to receive for my electrocution accident?

As we mentioned before, you can be eligible for several types of compensation for your electrocution accident. Some of these areas of compensation include:
Workers’ Compensation: This is benefit was established to cover your injuries and lost wages. Like most compensation, the amount is determined by the severity of your injuries. You could be eligible for partial or permanent disability.
Third-Party Lawsuits: This is a lawsuit that we will file against parties other than your company, like the manufacturer of a product. This could also be a contractor that was responsible for the maintenance of your electrical device.

How do I find an experienced workers compensation lawyer?

Your electrocution accident claim could be one of the most critical cases of your life, so you don’t want to take a chance of hiring poor representation. Although there are other Norcross workers comp lawyers, not all of them are the same. We have experience handling electrocution cases, which gives us invaluable experience for your specific worker’s compensation case.  Just make sure that you can talk to your attorney and that you trust their advice.

Do I need legal representation?

Yes. Most victims of electrocution accidents make the mistake of talking to their company before getting legal advice. Just because you have been a loyal employee, doesn’t mean that your company is looking out for your best interests. Your company, their insurance company, and their lawyers want to settle for the lowest amount possible. You are nothing more than a number to them. So, you should seek out legal advice before talking to anyone else. Remember, any information gathered in a recorded conversation can be used against you in your case.

An experienced attorney will also help facilitate the process of handling your claim. We’ve handled numerous electrocution cases, so you can trust us to get you the best settlement possible. If you choose to handle this on your own, you risk losing out on money that you desperately need. Don’t take this chance. Hire an experienced attorney that can assist you with your case.

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