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Smyrna Bus Accident Lawyer

A bus is a terrific mode of transportation. It is eco-friendly, money-saving, and it gives passengers time to take in the atmosphere or work on meaningful projects while commuting to work.

But with so many people in a moving vehicle, there is a lot of potential for accidents. The bus can collide with other cars, people can get injured entering and exiting the bus, and the list goes on.

This article would talk about bus accidents and your legal rights if you were injured while riding on a bus in Smyrna, GA. Read on to find out more.

What are Common Types of Bus Accident Injuries?

Many types of accidents can occur when passengers ride on a bus. Here are some of the most common.

  • Injuries while getting on and off the bus
  • The bus collides with other vehicles
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Rollover accidents

What Should I Do if I Was Involved in a Bus Accident?

If a bus accident occurs, it is essential to have the police called in. The police will create a report which will serve as valuable evidence later on in the legal process.

It is also essential to make sure your name is included in the police report. If it is not, it will be difficult for you to get compensated for your case.

In most situations, the bus driver will call the police, but you can put take things in your own hands if the driver is injured.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Settlement for a Bus Accident?

It is impossible to say how long the legal process for a bus accident will be. However, it tends to take longer than other types of claims. This is because there are so many people involved, and you are suing the government, which always draws things out.

The right bus accident lawyer will do all they can to expedite the case.

How Do I Deal with Insurance Companies?

Insurance companies are known for taking advantage of accident victims and giving them low ball deals. In the case of a bus accident, many insurance companies will be involved, and victims who try to communicate with these insurance companies put themselves at an even higher risk of getting taken advantage of.

The right lawyer will make sure you get a fair settlement that covers all your damages.

How Does a Lawyer Handle a Bus Accident Investigation?

Every lawyer is different, but the here are some actions your lawyer should be taking to make sure you get the compensation you deserve:

  • Reviews all the evidence you gathered
  • Goes over police reports
  • Goes over medical records
  • Talks to witnesses
  • Gathers additional evidence to build a strong case

Who is Responsible for My Accident?

Determining an at-fault party is an essential part of the investigative process. It lets you know who to target for compensation.

Often, the bus driver will be responsible for your injuries. If the driver was distracted while at the wheel or engaging in any activity that made him incapable of paying full attention to the road, he would be the at-fault party.

In other cases, another vehicle might be at fault. If a driver was disobeying the rules of the road and their actions resulted in an accident with the bus you were riding in, they would be responsible for your injuries.

In other instances, there may be no driver at fault. The accident may have been caused by debris in the road or faulty manufacturing of the bus or another vehicle. In these cases, a contractor, the city, or the vehicle-manufacturer may be at fault.

What Damages are Covered in a Bus Accident Claim?

A bus accident can result in injuries that can make you unable to work on a temporary or personal basis. It can also cause emotional pain and suffering. You can be compensated for any of the following:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical expenses
  • Emotional pain and suffering
  • Funeral costs

Although it can be challenging to put a price tag on emotional pain and suffering, a lawyer will be able to come up with an amount based on his past experience with similar accidents. He will make sure you are fairly covered for all your damages.

Finding the Right Lawyer for Your Smyrna Bus Accident

If you were involved in a bus accident in the city of Smyrna, GA, you need a reliable lawyer on your side. Bader Scott Injury Lawyers is highly recommended.

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Bus accident injuries can be a lot less stressful if you have the right lawyer on your side. Call Bader Scott Injury Lawyers to get the compensation you deserve.

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